Events at Swim in Zone


On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, Swim-in Zone hosts a Triathlon for Children age 10 and under. “It was the most fun ever!” “I’ve been waiting for this for 3 months”, said 6 year old Jackson. “My favorite part was winning (running through the tape at the end)”, said 3 year old Christina. “I liked getting my shirt autographed by the Nittany Lion”, said 8 year old Keegan.” These were some of the comments from the children at Swim-in Zone’s annual Kids Fun Triathlon, on May 30, 2010.

The shoes, helmets and bikes, most with training wheels, were all laid out in front of Swim-in Zone as the event started with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner and a moment of silence for our military. Some of the children were wearing their colored swim caps corresponding to their swim start time. Grandparents brought motivational signs, and everyone including the Nittany Lion cheered when the children ran through the tape at the end of the race.

The children proudly displayed their numbers on their shoulders and their bikes. The 9-10 year olds swam 200 yds., biked ¾ mile and ran 6 laps around the parking lot. The 7-8 year olds swam 100 yds., biked 3/8 mile and ran 4 laps around the parking lot. The children age 6 and under swam 50 yds, biked 1/8 mile and ran 2 laps. South Mountain Cycles made repairs to the flat tires and broken bikes. A first aider from the Saucon Valley Medical Center came to take care of any bumps, bruises and scrapes. Saucon Valley Medical Center donated the T-shirts for the event. Children were permitted to use a lifejacket for the swim.

Sponsors donating items for the tri-athletes are New Balance, Red Robin, and Subway.

Parents sometimes ran alongside as their children biked or ran. Some swam with their children. At the end of the event both parents and children were happily tired. Many adults commented on the physical effort put forth by the children and hoped that fitness would become a lifelong choice.

Easter Egg Hunt

Annually Swim-in Zone hosts a WET Easter Egg Hunt. Floating and sinking eggs with pennies in them are all over the pool. Children with their parents go into the pool and collect the eggs. The pennies are then cashed in at the redemption table for Easter candy or small gifts. After all the eggs are gathered, families stay for a fun swim for another hour.

Halloween Week

Halloween is an exciting time for children. At Swim-in Zone we make it into a learning experience as well. What better to teach the concept of floating than a great big heavy FLOATING pumpkin? We put lots of real pumpkins of all sizes and shapes as well as some plastic decorations into the pool. We make “pumpkin soup” in the witches caldron and play with squirting eyeballs and plastic snakes and spiders.

New Year’s Eve Party

Every December 31, the New Year splashes in early at 7 pm during our Annual Family New Year’s Eve Party. We party and play in the pool from 5 - 7:30 pm. We dive for 2,012 pennies in the water, make lots of noise with the noisemakers and have a giant simultaneous cannon ball splash.
Pizza and soft drinks are served.

Click HERE for a PDF of the New Year's Eve Party Registration Form.


Swim-in Zone offers morning camps during the summer and over the winter break between Christmas and New Year's. Our camps are 3 hours long from 9a-12n. The camper's time is spent in a 45 minute swim lesson, 45 minute fun swim, snack and activity or craft. Our lessons during camp utilize our usual lesson curriculum and enjoy a 4:1 ratio of student to instructor. During the pool playtime, the children who cannot stand in 4 feet of water wear USCG approved lifejackets provided by Swim-in Zone.

Summer Camps

  • Summer camp weeks (Mondays-Fridays) are offered throughout the summer.
  • See our summer pricing page for detailed information on available weeks and pricing.

Penn State Camp "Splash Lab"

  • In conjunction with Penn State Lehigh Valley, Swim-in Zone offers a summer camp called "Splash Lab".
  • In 2012, "Splash Lab" will be held from July 9-20.
  • This camp is offered from 1-4pm. So children who attend a morning camp at PSU can extend their day until 4pm by attending "Splash Lab". Each day after attending PSU camp in the morning, the children eat their home packed lunch, and walk across the street with their PSU counselors to Swim-in Zone for "Splash Lab" camp.
  • "Splash Lab" is conducted the same as all our camps with the children receiving a 45 minute swim lesson, 45 minutes to play in the pool and 1.5 hours for a craft or activity and snack.
  • The 4:1 ratio of student to instructor is used throughout our PSU camp programming.
  • Pricing and registration for "Splash Lab" are through Penn State Lehigh Valley. For more information or email.

Winter Break Camp

  • The perfect time to brush up on your child's swimming skills is during their winter break from school between Christmas and New Year's.
  • Our camp is usually 4 or 5 weekdays long depending on which days of the week the actual holidays fall.
  • The format is the same as our summer camps. The instructors, lesson ratio and curriculum are our standard lesson programming.