Career Opportunites

We are always looking for commited, reliable, enthusiastic and organized employees. We offer career opportunities for 4 different departments: instructor, lifeguard, aide and sales associate. Ideally, we want our employees to be trained in all 3 departments. First, we train new staff as instructors, lifeguards or aides and then train for the sales associate position once the employee has a feel for the business. This is only gained by spending time with the children in the pool.

We offer part-time flexible hours – 12 to 40 hours per week. Full time (40 hours per week) can be available between several departments with no benefits. Availability for hours depends on seniority, willingness to work at least one day of the weekend, the number of swimmers registered, as well as the number of hours desired by the employee. Employees can work additional hours by subbing for others and teaching make-up days.

Because we are primarily a children’s facility, we require all our staff to have a Child Abuse, Criminal Record and FBI Fingerprint Clearances. Swim-in Zone is a conservative swim school. Parents trust us with their children’s lives, and we endeavor to present a professional business image that is responsible, caring and serious, yet fun for the children. We ask that tattoos be covered, men should be clean shaven, no visible piercings and hair must be a conservative color. Only one piece swim suits are permitted.

Swim-in Zone staff members will be trained both in their respective departments and in emergency response. Swim instructors attend approximately 10-25 hours of paid training in our swim teaching techniques and methods. Lifeguards/aides attend an orientation and aides will also attend training in the water. Training for sales associates is approximately 30 hours.

Every member of our staff must be currently certified in CPR/AED and First Aid. Instructors who are not currently certified may obtain the training at Swim-in Zone for free. Lifeguards must be certified Red Cross Lifeguards to be considered for hire. 80% of our swim Instructors are lifeguard certified as well. Continuing education credits are necessary for advancement in pay. Credits are accrued by completing emergency training and attending departmental meetings which are held 4 times per year.

We do not offer benefits such as health care or retirement benefits. We pay 1.5X for working on Memorial Day or Labor Day and offer a bonus for working a day of the weekend for an entire calendar year. Employees receive discounts on our products and discounted swim lessons for their children or grandchildren. The required Red Cross re-certifications done at Swim-in Zone are free.

Swim Instructors

Swim-in Zone is primarily a swim school, and so our swim instructors are the most integral part of our business. They must be able to introduce swimming skills in a Disney-like fun way but still maintain control of the class to keep all the children learning and safe. Consistency is the key to success, and swim instructors must be responsible to attend all the classes assigned to their schedule for an entire session. Sessions vary in length from 10-15 weeks and roughly follow the seasons. We teach classes Monday-Thursdays from 9a-8p, Fridays from 9a-6:30p, Saturdays from 8:00a-1p and Sundays from 12:30-4p. In order to maintain the quality of our swimming instruction curriculum, all new instructors receive comprehensive training in our business model and swim teaching techniques, methods and games.

Qualifications: Must be 18 with reasonable swimming ability – competitive swimming experience is desired but not required; experience with young children; a teaching background gives you an edge over other applicants; of course, kid friendly and, most importantly, a commitment to the idea that learning to swim is a very important skill that could save their life. The employee must want to make a difference in a child’s life and introduce them to a whole new environment.

Duties: Instruct the students in our swim school according to the objectives, challenges and skills outlined in Swim-in Zone’s teacher training manual using Swim-in Zone’s curriculum, to supervise the children to maintain their safety, complete paperwork as required by the program.


Swim-in Zone not only hires lifeguards but also trains them using the Red Cross Lifeguard Training Program. Lifeguards may be high school students.

Qualifications: Currently certified in Lifeguard Training, CPR/AED and First Aid. Responsible, reliable, friendly, outgoing. Reliable transportation is an absolute requirement.

Duties: Responsible for the safety of our patrons and staff; supervise children; prevent accidents; follow and enforce pool policies, rules and procedures; maintenance of the facility as assigned; administer first aid.

Sales Associates

Imagine not going fishing, boating, to pool parties with your friends, to the beach or for a walk by the lake because you are afraid and cannot swim. Think of all the activities that require the ability to swim. Now change that by selling something that will change their life and possibly even save it!! Learning how to swim is so powerful that it will affect a person throughout their entire life.

Qualifications: We prefer to offer the sales associate responsibilities to employees who are already trained as lifeguards or swim instructors. Additional qualifications include sales personality, ability to multitask, wonderful telephone skills and basic computer skills.

Duties: Sell our programs, schedule students, paperwork as assigned, open or close the facility reliably, maintenance of facility as assigned.


Occasionally we need help with classes in the pool or with birthday parties, giving tours, assisting parents and children, filing, paperwork, cleaning, etc. We hire high school or college students who are lifeguard certified to assist with these jobs.

Qualifications: Lifeguard certification; personable and able to relate to children and adults, willing to help do whatever needs to be done.

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