The New Swim-in Zone App

Download the new Swim-in Zone App from the App Stores. Same great features with a new look! Check out the features and new look below.

Parent Portal

You now have easy access to your parent portal to schedule make ups and even make payments. Keep an eye out for class scheduling coming early 2019!

Communication is Key



Push notifications allow us to communicate with you very quickly. Whether we are closed due to weather or classes are cancelled for part of the day you will know right away.


Is it your first time visiting us? With our directions button, we are just one touch away.

Call Us

No need to search for our number to call us anymore. With our call us button you can contact our customer service to get any questions answered and register for lessons.


Quickly email our front desk with question and we will get back to you quickly.

Up to date Hours and Schedules



Our Open Swim and business hours change with the seasons. You will have quick access to our most up to date hours.


Looking for our parent child, swim team, and make up schedules? Our new app integrates with our website so you will have the most current schedules at your fingertips.


Students that are graduating can take their Water Safety Test online through the app and website. Only available in v1.3.

Removal of Swim Skills

We have chosen to remove swim skills from the app. We did this for the following reasons:
  1. Moving Skills to Parent Portal: We believe our Parent portal is the best place to add skills. We already track your classes and levels. We will expand upon this to add the individual skills for each level. This will be instructor driven content.
  2. Instructor Driven Content: Our current system on the App requires parent input once the skills are completed. This was a great stepping stone that is being improved.
  3. Better information for You: We plan to have full skill tracking through the parent portal. You will know what your child is working on, what skills have been completed, and what skills need more practice. This will be updated by the instructors. We plan to have a way for you to interact will the instructors by leaving a note.

When will this be available?

This will be the next release after our online class scheduling. Online class scheduling should be available for you early 2019. In the mean time, please see the laminated level sheets available in the parent waiting area.