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Trick or Treat? Drive-Up!

Children love going trick or treating but this year has many people questioning if it can be safe. So we have decided to create a safe and socially distant trick or treat event.


You and your family will be able to drive up to Swim-in Zone and enjoy a little trick or treat night. You can stay in your car or take a little extra time and take some pictures with our giant pumpkins. We will have our staff make and hand out bags of candy. When packing and handing out the candy staff will be wearing gloves and masks.


October 31st, 2020 from 2-4pm


Your best Halloween attire


Swim-in Zone – 4355 Saucon Creek Rd Center Valley, PA 18034

Winter Session Registration 2020-2021

Winter Session Registration 2020-2021

Winter session registration will begin on October 5th.

The winter session is a 12-week session that runs from November 30th – February 28th.

Price Reductions

We have reduced pricing on a few of our classes as we are getting back to some sense of normal. We have increased the allowable number of children in some classes to help reduce pricing.

30 Minute Group Classes: $26/class → $25/class (Ratio is 4:1)

45 Minute Group Classes: $29/class → $28/class (Ratio is 5:1)

Parent Child Classes: $21/class → $19/class (Ratio is 6:1)

Current Fall Session Swimmers can Sign Up Now!

We hope to see you this winter for some warm water fun!

What to Expect – Introductory Parent-Child Class

This month’s blog is a bit different, as we have a video of Reilly over the last 4 weeks in her Intro Parent/Child class. Many 1st time parents ask us what is covered in the Parent/Child Classes, so here is your answer!

The Intro class, (and really, all our swim classes) are supposed to be fun! We sing songs, we play with toys and buckets and mats, and we introduce the water to these little guys in an enjoyable and relaxing way. All skills are done at the parent and the child’s own pace. Our Parent/Child Instructors work with the parents individually and will help you learn how to hold your child the right way to teach a back float or to roll over and tell you when they think your child is ready for going underwater or swimming a little more independently.

All of our classes build upon the ones previous and safety skills are also developed in each class. But the best part is the safe (and sterile) socialization for both parents and baby. 

Sign ups for our Winter session will start on October 5th.

About Level Sheets

Level sheets are our communication tool between instructors and parents. Miss Erika explains how we use them.

“My Time”

“My Time”

Fun Swim For School-Aged Children

We all need some “me time” every now and again and even our children do too. So why not both of you. “My Time” is an hour of open swim time for school-aged children. They can give both parents and children some much need time for fun apart.

When is “My Time” Available?

You may choose from 3 time slots:

  • Tuesday’s: 2:00-3:00pm
  • Friday’s: 1:00-2:00pm and 2:00-3:00pm

The Rules

  • Children who cannot stand or pass the swim test will be required to wear a lifejacket
  • Up to 8 children per hour
  • Children MUST wear a mask in any part of the building, other than the pool
  • Parents, whose children are over the age of 5 and are able to attend to their own toileting needs, may leave the facility, but they must sign in and out, and leave a cell phone number.
  • Children under the age of 5 may attend with their older siblings but must have a parent in the water with them. (parent pays additional $5)
  • My Time swimmers will be able to use a few of our toys and noodles. They will be assigned part of the pool to swim in. Lessons and lap swim may also be going on at the same time.

A dedicated lifeguard will be assigned to watch the “My Time” swimmers

**Preregistration is required either online through the parent portal or at the front desk


$18 per child per swim

$2 Discount if the child takes lessons during the Fall 2020 Session (automatically applied)*

$2 multi-child discount (contact front desk to apply discount)