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App Update

App Update

Version 1.5 of the Swim-in Zone app is now available! Download the update via your app store.

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  • Moved the notifications and contacts us to the side menu.
  • New Contact Us Page with integrated map.
  • Updates for our staff training.
Zoning-In at Swim-in Zone – Fall 2019

Zoning-In at Swim-in Zone – Fall 2019

Our fall session dates are August 26th through December 1st. This is a 14 week session with Monday’s and Thursday’s having 13 weeks due to Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins and more Pumpkins! Pumpkin week is October 28 – Nov 3. You will find some very large pumpkins around Swim-in Zone and even some in the pool!

Big Pumpkins

Guess the weight of our big pumpkins! Once our big pumpkins arrive we will have a guess the weight contest. All of our pumpkins were grown by Jim Pantano, Penny’s Husband. If you see him ask, “How did you move them?” Jim is a member of the Giant Pumpkin Growers Association.

2nd Generation

Our owner, Miss Penny, has been teaching swimming to children in this area since 1977(Ouch!) She is now teaching the children of many of her former students. She will retire when the 3rd generation comes along!

The Swim-in Zone Edge

  • Opened in 2004-business for 15 years.
  • Owner has over 40 years of experience teaching and coaching swimming. She is on premises- in fact she teaches classes and trains new teachers. All of our swimming instructors receive 40 hrs. of training.
  • Owner co-sponsors the children’s PSF play each summer.
  • Swim-in Zone allows changes in class scheduling within a session and without a fee.
  • Swim-in Zone offers unlimited make-up classes at no charge, or a choice of a Family Swim Pass.
  • Flexible make-up scheduling options for swimmers in our parent child and swim team programs.
  • Swim-in Zone is the only swim school with a graduation program
  • Swim-in Zone offers free swim evaluations.
  • Many of our instructors have been teaching at Swim-in Zone for over 5 years.
  • Our pool is 75 ft. in length and 30 ft. wide with 3 lanes. Both the water and air are a warm 88o.
  • We do not use bubbles or wear-able flotation devices in our lessons. We prefer that the children learn about their own body’s buoyancy.
  • As a convenience to the family, all levels of swimmers from babies to swim team can be in the pool at the same time, eliminating multiple trips.
  • Private Men’s and Women’s Locker-rooms with private showers
  • We limit classes for 3-6-year-olds to 4 students and 2nd grade and up to 5.
  • Our Dippers class is for 2-year-old children without their parent. It has a 3:1 ratio.
  • During our busiest lesson times, we add a lifeguard certified aide to help with classes that need an extra pair of eyes or hands.
  • We offer free Friday practice swims with full session payment and only $5 if a balance is due.
  • Lifeguard always on duty. 80% of our instructors are lifeguard certified.
  • All our staff are certified in CPR/AED and First Aid and have their FBI, Child Abuse and Criminal Record clearances.
  • Swim-in Zone contributes to local charities and basket fundraisers for schools and non-profits.
  • We go out into schools and day cares to teach water safety to children. Since 2007, a total of almost 20,000 children have been taught about how to be safer in the water.
  • Water safety is an integral part of all of our lessons from parent/child classes through Level 5. We have special weeks of emphasis such as how to use and swim in a life jacket.
  • We strongly believe that the children should be having fun while they learn and we incorporate lots of games and fun activities into our swim lessons.

Scheduling Software Update

We have just released a new update! When scheduling classes online you will now be able to receive discounts automatically. The discounts include the following:

  • Multiple child discount – 20% off the 3rd or more child’s lessons
  • Multiple classes per week discount – 20% off the second or more classes for the same child.

Swim Meet

Our first swim meet this school year is schedule for Friday, November 8st. Sign ups will begin early October.

Mermaid Club

Mermaid club begins September 15th. Ms. Annie will be in the water helping the mermaids this school year. The schedule is as follows:

  • September 15th, October 13th, November 17th, December 15th, January 19th, February 16th, March 15th, April 19th, May 17th & June 14th

A Shout Out to Our Instructors

We are excited to announce that Mr. Kevin B. and Mr. Daniel received their Lifeguarding Instructor certificate this summer! They will be joining our team of other lifeguard instructors, Kevin W., Mr. Dan, Heidi, Penny and Marc M., to help teach our staff and others that wish to become lifeguards in the Lehigh Valley. Congratulations!

Instructor Training at Swim-in Zone

All of our new instructors are required to attend 30-40 hrs. of training including, on-line training, classroom lectures on child development as it applies to the acquisition of swim skills and in-water shadowing a veteran instructor. New instructors are mentored by the team leader or supervisor during their first session of teaching.

Swim-in Zone’s position on the Submersion and Forced Back Float Infant “drown-proof” Method.

Swim-in Zone is opposed to forceful conditioning involving submersion and back floats and believes that it might be harmful to a developing infant/toddler. In addition, when an infant is in a back-float position, their airway is vulnerable to water over the face with significant risk of water getting into the stomach and lungs. We prefer an approach that is developmentally structured, nurturing and respectful of the child. We all want the same goal: a child who is safer because they can rollover to breathe if perhaps, they end up in the water. It might take us longer, (our lessons are not daily) to achieve this goal, but you will have a happier child.

Dippers classes

Class for children 2-3 years old without a parent

Wow! After just one year, our Dippers program is getting rave reviews from parents! Usually, the little ones need an adjustment period of about 2-3 weeks, then they are surprising all of us with their ability to sit, listen and wait and SWIM.

The swimming goals in a dippers class are to swim underwater a few feet, float on their back with a little help and after swimming a short distance rollover to float and breathe. There are also goals involving water safety: ask a grown-up to help get the toy, turn and go back if fall off the steps, wait to be called to leave the steps or enter the pool, jump in, underwater turn around and while underwater reach for the wall. Goals besides swimming skills are independence, listening to and following directions, taking turns and trusting teachers. We are so proud of our youngest swimmers!

For a Safer Summer

For a Safer Summer

Summer is here and the pools are open! Pools comes with a bunch of fun but also some danger. So for you and your family to have a safer summer here are some facts and tips:

Facts about Drowning

  • Drownings or near-drownings can happen to anyone.
  • Most drownings are silent – No Sound or Splash
  • They happen in less than 20 seconds.
  • #1 cause of accidental death for children between the ages of 1-4.
  • #2 cause of accidental death ages 5-19.


  • Always supervise your children in and around the pool
    • Listening for splashing is not good enough as most drownings are silent, especially in young children. Put the phone down and go enjoy the pool with your kids.
    • Don’t rely on lifeguards or floatation devices.
  • Teach Kids to Swim
    • While supervision is critical, it’s also important for children to learn how to swim. Kids who can’t swim are at a much higher risk of drowning, every child and adult should learn to swim. Their life may depend on it.
    • American Academy of Pediatrics recommends lessons at age 1.
  • Lifejackets
    • Lifejackets are a great way to add extra protection while your children are still learning how to swim.
      • Adults should be the the ones to put on and take off the lifejackets.
    • Lifejackets don’t replace supervision. They are only there to help.
  • Learn CPR
    • While your children are learning how to swim, it’s important for you to learn CPR. In the case of an emergency, bystander CPR can often make a real difference while you’re waiting for emergency first responders to arrive at the scene.
  • If you Own a Pool
    • Purchase a pool fence. Pool fences are designed to be a physical barrier to prevent entry into the pool.
      • Pool fences should be 4 sided, 4ft high with a self latching gate.
    • Use can also install alarms on your doors leading to the pool and even alarms if someone enters the water.
    • If a child goes missing, check the pool first!
    • Put phone number and address in an accessible place so that when EMS is called the address is available.


We all love getting together with friends and family for parties during the summer. If you go to a party where there is a pool, you should have an adult be a water watcher at all times. Don’t forget to share the responsibility; you deserve some fun too!

What’s a Water Watcher

A water watcher is an adult who promises to supervise children in and around the water/pool while keeping them in sight at all times. They do not leave the water area without finding another adult to replace them. Your children will be getting water watcher badges this week. If you didn’t get one, see the front desk and they will give you one.

If you would like for information about pool safety take a look at these links:

We hope you all have a safe and fun summer at the pool!

School Year Option Registration 2019-2020

School Year Option Registration 2019-2020

Enrollment in our school year option (SYO) will begin Wednesday, May 22nd.

SYO (Fall, Winter & Spring Sessions) includes 41 lessons from August 26, 2019 to June 14, 2020.


  • Lessons will have no price increase for the school year.
  • Pricing is based on a 41 week school year to allow for holidays
  • Priority scheduling for Time and Day all year unless you change it.
  • Free Friday family swim from 1-2:30 or 6:30-8pm all school year long.
  • Monthly payment can be automatically deducted from your checking account.

A few things to note about this year’s registration process:

  1. If you want a specific day and time, CALL early. 610-625-4848
  2. If you have multiple children that you wish to get in at the same day and time, please call as well.
  3. Private and Semiprivate classes, please call.
  4. Swim Team online sign-ups will be available at the start of registration.
  5. Classes will be available for online registration but only as they are created by those who call. If you are seeking a specific day, time or teacher please call.
  6. Parent Child classes are not being offed with SYO as parent child classes switch around during the school year. Registration for parent child classes for the fall will begin June 5th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my teacher guaranteed?

No. Your teacher is not guaranteed because they may change their schedule or can no longer continue to teach. If your teacher is still teaching at the same time and day as your lesson, every effort will be made to keep your current instructor.

When are 2nd payments due?

December 10, 2019

When are monthly payments withdrawn?

Monthly payments will be withdrawn from your checking account on the 10th of each month for 8 months. Each debit is applied to the next month of lessons, from October 10th through May 10th, each charge representing 1/8 of your remaining balance after your initial payment.

Can I change my day and time?

Yes! You will receive an emails throughout the school year asking if you would like to change your scheduled class time for the Winter and Spring Sessions.

Zoning-In at Swim-in Zone: Spring 2019

Zoning-In at Swim-in Zone: Spring 2019

Wonderful Spring! Swim-in Zone is in the midst of a busy season. Sign-ups are on-going.

Spring is usually lively because parents want to give their children a head start on summer. Typically, children lose some of their swimming ability during the off months, but they gain maturity and coordination. The recommendation is that to regain those lost swimming skills, 1-2 lessons are usually required for every month off and out of the pool. Spring lessons end June 16. Summer lessons start June 17.

Our Theme: “For a Safer Summer”

We include safety skills practice into all levels. We designate a SAFETY Week during each session. The teachers focus an additional 5-10 minutes on the safety skills listed on the child’s level sheet, as well as the proper use of life- jackets, rescue equipment and techniques. Did you know that a person in trouble in the water rarely kicks, and cannot call out for help?

What Safety Skills Do We Teach at Swim-in Zone?

  • Find safety
  • Rollover to breathe
  • Fall of steps? Turn & go back
  • Fall off the noodle? Go to your back, float and call for help
  • Treading water
  • Use the bottom to push up to get a breath (safety jumps)
  • 4 ways to get to safety after jumping in.
  • Ask a grown-up to help get the toy –don’t get it yourself
  • Wait for the grown-up. Kids go in the pool last & out first.
  • Mom/Dad put your lifejacket on & take it off, so Mom/Dad KNOW it is off.
  • Rules for safe jumping & div- ing. What is the depth?
  • Information about rip currents
  • Jumping in without goggles
  • Learn how to help by throwing something that floats.
  • Victim recognition
  • Spinal injury prevention

Water Safety Challenge– an optional event

We know that MOST drowning incidents do NOT happen when a child is wearing a swimsuit and goggles. Children should be prepared to handle an unexpected situation, so Swim-in Zone is offering a time to float test your kids wearing their clothing.

Water Safety Challenge in CLOTHING– what the kids need to do

  1. Children will be asked to pretend to fall into the pool fully clothed, float on their back and call for help.
  2. Children will be asked to pretend to fall into the pool fully clothed and get back to the side of the pool unassisted.
  3. Children will be asked to tread water wearing their clothes.

Sign-up for our Water Safety Challenge: Kids come fully clothed and pretend fall into the pool and save themselves by floating on their back, calling for help and getting back to the side. $10 per 15 minute challenge. Call the front desk to schedule.

Spring Events

Easter Egg Hunt

for current spring swimmers is April 20 at 3:30pm. Adults MUST be in the water with their children ages 5 and under. Stay in the water and swim until 5pm. $7.50/child or $20 for the family. Limit 100 pre-registered children. Sign ups start March 20.

Fun Swim Meet

Friday, May 3 6:45-9:00pm. All ages 100 swimmers

What fun! Younger swimmers will swim across the pool and older swimmers will swim lengths. We have an event for all ages. Every swimmer gets a ribbon. No charge for swimmers in our spring session. Pre-registration required. Forms available at the Front Desk.

Records Broken at our Latest swim meets.

Congratulations to:

Liam Rummer (13) 50 IM 48.47

Michael Timm (10) 50 IM 48.75; 50yd. butterfly 56.47

Ryan Grieg (6) 30 ft. freestyle 10.16

Christopher Oliveira (14) 25 yd. free 16.56

Emily Korniyasov (12) 25 yd. butterfly 23.28

Reilly Jankowski (3) 30 ft. freestyle 31.72

Patrick Roberts (5) 30 ft. butterfly 11.87

Jason Deppner (7) 30 ft. freestyle 9.59

Karsten Immerzeel (10) 50 yd. freestyle 38.22

Valia Tsirakis (11) 50yd IM 42.18

Maja Romero (13) 25 yd. freestyle 17.84; 25yd. Breaststroke 27.31

Layla Nelson (5) 30 ft. freestyle 7.81; 30 ft. backstroke 9.97; 25 yd. backstroke 31.18

Brianna Carvalho (12) 100yd IM 1:02.25; 50 yd. breaststroke 43.03

FYI: Breath Control:

Swimmers should exhale underwater through their nose and mouth then inhale quickly- not hold their breath. Swimming is exercise. Rhythmic breathing is calming to the body and keeps the swimmer in control. Do not buy a face mask with the nose enclosed for the kids– they will never learn to keep water out of their nose, severely limiting their ability to swim.

Parent Portal

Check out our parent portal on our website! User name is the email address we have. Make your own password. Sign-up for make-ups and to make a payment! Sign up for classes online. Call if you have trouble accessing the parent portal.

Make Ups

Make-ups Must be completed by the end of the session!

Group: Group make-ups are offered throughout the session. All make-ups are 30 min. with a ratio of 4:1. Sign-ups on par- ent portal 10 days ahead. Our website and App have the full schedule.

Parent/Child: Make-up a par- ent/child class by coming to another class. Dippers classes are made-up by attending a parent/child class. No pre-sign- ups are necessary for either.

Swim Team, Gold and Purple: Swim team practices are made-up by coming to another practice. Gold & purple level swimmers may attend a pre- scheduled make-up day or come to a swim team practice.

About Lifejackets for Kids

US Coast Guard approves lifejackets, or PFD’s (Personal Flotation Devices). Pennsylvania law requires children <12years and all non-swimmers to wear a USCG approved device when boating. The different types for children are:

  • Type II PFD is for anyone of any weight (infant to adult). It is designed to float the wearer on their back and may turn an unconscious person face-up.
  • The jacket-type or Type III PFD is designed to float the wearer. It may float the wearer face down or on their back. It will NOT turn an unconscious person face-up. Children must be over 30 lbs. and able to kick upright, or they will fall face forward.
  • Type V (Special-use device)– aka “puddle jumper” is for children 30-50lbs. The ones with the shoulder straps prevent the children from pulling the puddle jumper off their arms, sliding it down over their hips and taking it off themselves.
  • Devices without a USCG approval number carry the disclaimer “only to be used in water in which the wearer is within it’s depth”. When you purchase a flotation device for your child please check the manufacturer’s information.

When can my child tread water?

Treading water is complicated.

It requires:

  1. a supportive kick that pushes the water down.
  2. sculling hand motion to push the water down.

A child’s head weighs 6-10 lbs.- a lot of weight to push up. Putting the head back, allows the person to breathe and float.

Weak & non-swimmers of any AGE CANNOT tread water at all– no sup- porting kick.

Children who can swim and are fairly comfortable in the water:

  • Age 3 about 2-3 seconds
  • Age 4 about 4-7 seconds.
  • Age 5 about 10-12 seconds

Summer 2019

4 different programs available this summer

3-hour Week-long Morning Camp for 5 days Includes: lesson + fun swim + activity/craft

Accelerated Weeklong Classes (five 45 min. group lessons): Offered Mon-Fri 9a-3pm for the entire summer, or in the evening during selected weeks.

Classic Once-a-Week Classes (10 lessons) Offered: weekdays, evenings and Sat. mornings

Splash Lab: July 8-12 or July 15-19 from 1-4p. Swim-in Zone will host a PSU Lehigh Valley swim camp for kids. Sign up through PSU Lehigh Valley.