Make Ups

Make Ups

Swim-in Zone has a very generous make-up policy. We want your child to receive all the swim lessons for which you have paid. Swimmers who miss a lesson are given their choice of a make-up lesson on a prescheduled make-up day or a family swim pass. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that the children attend the classes. There are no refunds or credits for missed classes. Make-up classes are not an ideal substitute for your child’s regular class with his/her usual teacher and classmates. The instructor will likely not be the regular teacher and probably not be as familiar with your child’s strengths and comfort level. Parents have asked to have their children added to existing lessons for make-ups and this is just not possible as it would jeopardize the safety, ratio and the quality of the lesson for all swimmers in the group and scheduling would be an absolute nightmare.

Make Up Policy
  • No refunds or credits for missed classes.
  • Missed group lessons are made up by attending a prescheduled group make-up class. The dates and times for the prescheduled make-up classes are available on our parent portal.
  • You may attend a make-up date before the class is missed.
  • All classes whether cancelled by Swim-in Zone or the client will be made-up on our prescheduled make-up days.
  • All make-up classes are 30 minutes long.
  • Please reserve a make-up date and time no more than 10 days prior to the make-up day.
  • If for any reason the make-up days cannot be attended, one family swim pass per lesson missed will be given to the family. This is a $23 value. The family pass can be used at any of our open swim times.
  • Parent/child classes and instructional swim team practices are made up by attending another parent/child class or swim team practice at one of their scheduled times. Days and times are available at the front desk, website and App.
  • All make-up classes must be completed by the end of the session.
  • Semi-private classes are considered a group lesson and go in our group make-ups.
  • Swim-in Zone has 2 different types of private swim lessons with corresponding options for make-ups.
    • Private with no make-ups
    • Private with group make-ups. Swimmers must attend a prescheduled group make-up day.
  • Individual instructors are not permitted to reschedule private make-up classes as they do not know the full pool schedule.
  • Swim-in Zone reserves the right to add additional make-up days or times to the schedule or to change the schedule depending on the needs of the clients or Swim-in Zone.

Make Up Dates for April 

  • Monday: 8th & 22nd
  • Tuesday: 2nd & 9th
  • Wednesday: 10th
  • Thursday: 4th & 25th
  • Friday: 19th
  • Saturday: 6th & 20th
  • Sunday: 14th & 28th

*Dates are subject to change.

Schedule your Make ups on our Parent Portal.