Make Ups

Make Ups

Swim-in Zone wants you to receive all the classes for which you have paid. There are no refunds, prorates or credits for missed classes; however, we have a generous make-up policy unlike other swim lesson facilities. You may make-up classes within the same session, regardless of the reason classes were missed.  If you cannot attend our pre-scheduled make-up classes, we offer a family swim pass, redeemable during any open swim time.

Make Up Policy

Below is our current make up policy as of December 1st, 2019. 

Group Classes

Swimmers in group classes, make-up their missed class by attending a pre-scheduled make-up date. Dates are published on the parent portal on the Swim-in Zone website and our App. Additional dates are added as needed.

Swim Team, Purple and Gold Level Swimmers

Swim team swimmers may attend another swim team practice that fits their schedule. Purple or Gold level swimmers may attend an age appropriate swim team practice to make-up a class. Please call ahead to add the swimmers to the day’s roster.

Parent Child Classes

We are very relaxed regarding make-ups for missed parent/child classes. Parents can attend any other parent/child class that fits their schedule. Occasionally, especially on a weekend, adding children to a class in progress has created classes that are too big for effective instruction and compromised our pool space. Please try to avoid making up a parent child class on a weekend if at all possible.

Dippers Classes

Because the children in the Dippers classes are less than 3 years old and need a smaller ratio than 4:1 like in our make-up classes, missed dippers classes are made up by attending a parent/child class. Parents must go into the pool with the children. Receiving a family swim pass is also an option for missed dippers classes.

School Year Option

Families in our School Year Option Program must complete all their make-ups by the last day of spring classes in June. However, our computer program may not permit you to schedule the make-ups on-line through the parent portal once the fall, winter or spring session has ended. No problem just call so that we can schedule them for you.

Private Lessons

  • Private lessons with no make-ups. Make-up lessons can only be scheduled if Swim-in Zone cancels a class.
  • Private with group lesson make-ups. Swimmers in a private lesson with group make-ups must call to schedule their group make-up as above like other swimmers.

Semiprivate Lessons

Semiprivate lessons are considered group lessons and attend the prescheduled make up classes for make-ups.

Attendance at Make-ups

If your child cannot attend the make-up class, please call before the make-up class to permit other swimmers to take this available spot. If a swimmer is deleted from the make-up time, you may sign-up for another make-up. If you do not call ahead and do not show up for a make-up, the make-up will be considered attended.

Make-up Schedule Published 10 Days Ahead

  • Classes on the make-up schedule are published and available for sign-ups on the parent portal or at the desk 10 days ahead.
  • On-line Parent Portal Make-up Scheduling:
    • Parent can usually schedule a make-up for their child once the child has been marked absent. If the computer says that the child is not permitted a make-up class, just call and we can schedule it for you.
  • Additional make-up classes may be added to the schedule if Swim-in Zone cancels classes or if the make-up classes start to fill up as usually happens at the end of a session. 

Additional Information

  • All group make-up classes are 30 minutes long with a 4:1 ratio regardless if your child has a 30 or 45-minute class.
  • Adding a child to an existing class for a make-up is only an option in our parent/child classes when the parent is with the child or in a swim team practice. Our classes are carefully constructed by level and age. Adding a child to an existing group swim class creates a safety issue, disrupts the dynamics of the class, and creates a scheduling nightmare!
  • All lessons must be made-up by the last day of the session. If you cannot make-up the classes by this date then you will receive a family swim pass, good for the whole family on a weekend, a day off from school or on a rainy, chilly, summer day. Those in our School Year Option Program see information above.
  • There are no credit or refunds for missed classes.
  • Make-up classes are taught by any available teacher so your child will probably NOT have their usual swim teacher. Our teachers’ personal schedules include full time jobs and family responsibilities that may preclude them from being available at other times.

Schedule your Make ups on our Parent Portal.