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Parent Child Classes

Need some “me” time with your baby? Swim lessons are the perfect solution for you. Children as young as 6 months can attend our parent child classes. All classes are 30 minutes long. Parents are required for your child’s safety.

Our classes are designed to fun & engaging for children as well as informative for parents. Parents will learn holding positions, cues, safety tips, how to prepare their child for going underwater and much more. The children will learn that swimming is fun. As your child progresses, they will learn more advanced skills that can save their life like back floating and rolling over.

Some 3 and 4 year old children need time to transition to going into a “big boy class” and have trouble separating from Mom and Dad. They need their parents to attend class with them at least for their first experience, and so we have a “parent/older child” (First Timers Class in the Spring) class just for them.

We have a very flexible make-up program for missed parent/child classes – just attend another class time. All class must be made up before the end of the current session.

Not sure what level is right for your child? Click here to find your child’s level.

Fall Parent-Child Schedule

Babbles to Bubbles Class Schedule

  • M: N/A
  • T: 3:30pm
  • W: N/A
  • TH: N/A
  • F: 12:30p
  • SA: N/A
  • SU: N/A

First Timers Class Schedule

  • M: 10:30a
  • T: N/A
  • W: N/A
  • TH: N/A
  • F: N/A
  • SA: N/A
  • SU: 2:00p

Introductory Class Schedule

  • M: 9:30a & 5:30p
  • T: 9:30a & 5:30p
  • W: 10:00a 12:30p & 5:00p
  • TH: 11:00a & 4:00p
  • F: 9:00a & 11:30a
  • SA: 10:00a & 12:00p
  • SU: 10:00a, 12:30p & 1:00p

Intermediate Class Schedule

  • M: 9:30a & 6:00pm
  • T: 9:00a & 5:00p
  • W: 9:30a, 11:30a, 4:00p & 6:00p
  • TH: 9:00a & 5:30p
  • F: 9:30a
  • SA: 8:30, 10:30a & 11:30a
  • SU: 11:00a, 12:30p, & 1:00p


Advanced Class Schedule

  • M: 11:00a
  • T: 10:00a, 11:00a & 4:00p
  • W: 11:00a & 5:30p
  • TH: 9:30a, 10:00a & 5:00p
  • F: 10:30a
  • SA: 9:00a & 11:00a
  • SU: 11:30a


Too Little But Too Good Class Schedule

  • M: 6:30p
  • T: 10:30a
  • W: 10:00a & 6:30p
  • TH: 11:30a & 6:00p
  • F: 10:00a
  • SA: 9:30a
  • SU: N/A