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Referral Program

Dolphin Cash

Swim-in Zone has a new referral program! Now you can share your Swim-in Zone experience with friends and family and earn a bonus.

How does it work?

When your friends or family sign up for lessons you can give them a dolphin cash with your family name on it. This dolphin cash is worth $50 credit towards your account.

When your friend or family member’s child completes 1 session or at least 10 lessons the credit will be applied to your account.

For full details and to download your Dolphin Cash click here –

Spring Session Enrollment 2019

Spring is right around the corner and we are signing up our current winter session students for spring session. Spring is our most popular session so be sure to call early to get your preferred day and time.

Priority Enrollment Schedule

If you are enrolled in School Year Option, you are already enrolled in the Spring Session.

  • Winter Session Students – January 4th
  • New & Previous Students – January 18th

Spring session is our longest session of the year at 15 weeks. This allows major gains in the children’s swimming ability. Spring is the perfect time to get your children ready for Summer! Don’t wait until summer to get your children into lessons get them prepared ahead of time. So you can have a safer summer.

Parent Portal Update – Online Payments

Your parent portal is getting better! We have added the convenience of online payments to your parent portal. This is a major step for us at Swim-in Zone for the first time in 14 years we have online bill payment for our clients. We have also added new email billing features so keep an eye out on your email.

If you do not have your parent portal login, your username is the email address we have on file. You can always give us a call, 610-625-4848, if you are not sure of what email we have on file. Not sure of your password? Use the Forgot Password? on the parent portal to reset your password.

Don’t forget you can also schedule your make ups through the parent portal as well!

The Future of the Parent Portal

Now you are probably wonder what’s next? Well you have been asking for it for a long time, class scheduling. Our next big feature for the parent portal is online sign ups. We have been putting in a lot of thought into this module to make the process as simple and easy as possible for you. We will be developing and testing this feature over the next two months and hopefully rolling it out in the new year (maybe sooner). We will keep you posted on development and roll out of this so stay tuned to our social media, email and app.

We are very excited for online scheduling and we hope you are too!