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Zoning in @ SiZ Summer 2020

Zoning in @ SiZ Summer 2020

Yes! We are back in the Pool. Hurrah!

Yeah! What fun to be back in the pool!”

“Getting back in the pool is just wonderful”

Ms. Penny said, “I have never been out of the water that long in my whole life”.

“I never enjoyed anything so much as my first time back in the pool after this shutdown”

“This morning my child took his pj’s off and put on his swim suit and goggles. He is more than excited.”

“I’m so glad that you are open. Thank you.”

“Can’t I stay longer?”

“I’m so glad to be out of the house and my kids exercising! I am so ready to get going again.”

What it means to be “green”.

Group Weeklong lessons, group make-up lessons as well as private lessons and semiprivate lessons. We can also have 50% capacity which is 84 people for a building of 9,000 sq. ft.
Yeah! Our county is going to “green” on 6/26. Free group make-ups can now be scheduled as well as private makeups for $10 each. Small birthday parties and expanded times for lap swim will all be added to the schedule soon. Masks are still required but some distancing requirements and other requirements are relaxed.

New Make Up Policies

Parent/Child Classes:

  • MUST sign up in advance
  • Only 1 parent/child can do a make up per class

Private Lessons:

  • $10 per make up

Semi-Private Lessons:

  • $10 per make up

Group Make Ups:

  • No charge

Remote Swim-in Zone!

Swim lessons at your pool.

Swim-in Zone will send an instructor to your (or family or friend’s) home pool and teach swimming to your children and any other children that you chose.

Please see our website or call us for more information. Lessons will be available throughout the summer.

Does my Child still need swim lessons?

When can a parent feel confident in their child’s ability to survive a water related accident in any body of water? When is a child finished with swim lessons?

At Swim-in Zone we teach, safety and survival skills at every lesson in every level such as: wait for the grown-up; grown-up always first in the pool; grown-up must be watching– not reading, on phone or on computer; parents put on and take off lifejackets or puddle jumpers, jumping safely; safety when diving; treading water, rollover to float and breathe, what to do when you fall off the step, wall or noodle; ask a grown-up for help to go after a toy and how to help others by staying safe themselves.

The American Academy of Pediatrics definition of basic swim skills and water competency focuses not only on swim skills or strokes but also on the person’s ability to recognize and respond to dangers, get to where they need to go or float and call for help.

American Academy of Pediatrics 2019

Enter the water; Surface; Turn around; Propel oneself for at least 25 yds.;
Float or tread water then; Exit from the water
“Water competency is the ability to anticipate, avoid, and survive common drowning situations. The components of water competency include water safety awareness, basic swim skills, and the ability to recognize and respond to a swimmer in trouble.”

“Learning to swim needs to be seen as a component of water competency that also includes knowledge and awareness of local hazards/risks and of one’s own limitations, how to wear a life jacket, ability to recognize and respond to a swimmer in distress, call for help, and to perform safe rescue and CPR.”

Other organizations such aa the American Swim Coaches Association, the United States Swim School Association and The Boy Scouts of America have all de- fined what it takes to be a “safer or competent” swimmer.

So now how many of you, parents, need some swim lessons? We can fix that too!

Weeklong Accelerated Classes

(starting in green phase with reduced ratios)

Every day Monday thru Friday from 9 am-6 pm. A new week of classes starts every Monday.

Type of Class
LengthRatioFee for 5 Classes

All ages and levels


2 year old (Dippers) class

Semiprivate with partner
30min2:1350 for 2

Private No Make-ups

Non-refundable registration fee $35 for new families; $18 renewal. Same swimmer 4th, 5th summer week 20% off.

Zoning-In at Swim-in Zone – Fall 2019

Zoning-In at Swim-in Zone – Fall 2019

Our fall session dates are August 26th through December 1st. This is a 14 week session with Monday’s and Thursday’s having 13 weeks due to Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins and more Pumpkins! Pumpkin week is October 28 – Nov 3. You will find some very large pumpkins around Swim-in Zone and even some in the pool!

Big Pumpkins

Guess the weight of our big pumpkins! Once our big pumpkins arrive we will have a guess the weight contest. All of our pumpkins were grown by Jim Pantano, Penny’s Husband. If you see him ask, “How did you move them?” Jim is a member of the Giant Pumpkin Growers Association.

2nd Generation

Our owner, Miss Penny, has been teaching swimming to children in this area since 1977(Ouch!) She is now teaching the children of many of her former students. She will retire when the 3rd generation comes along!

The Swim-in Zone Edge

  • Opened in 2004-business for 15 years.
  • Owner has over 40 years of experience teaching and coaching swimming. She is on premises- in fact she teaches classes and trains new teachers. All of our swimming instructors receive 40 hrs. of training.
  • Owner co-sponsors the children’s PSF play each summer.
  • Swim-in Zone allows changes in class scheduling within a session and without a fee.
  • Swim-in Zone offers unlimited make-up classes at no charge, or a choice of a Family Swim Pass.
  • Flexible make-up scheduling options for swimmers in our parent child and swim team programs.
  • Swim-in Zone is the only swim school with a graduation program
  • Swim-in Zone offers free swim evaluations.
  • Many of our instructors have been teaching at Swim-in Zone for over 5 years.
  • Our pool is 75 ft. in length and 30 ft. wide with 3 lanes. Both the water and air are a warm 88o.
  • We do not use bubbles or wear-able flotation devices in our lessons. We prefer that the children learn about their own body’s buoyancy.
  • As a convenience to the family, all levels of swimmers from babies to swim team can be in the pool at the same time, eliminating multiple trips.
  • Private Men’s and Women’s Locker-rooms with private showers
  • We limit classes for 3-6-year-olds to 4 students and 2nd grade and up to 5.
  • Our Dippers class is for 2-year-old children without their parent. It has a 3:1 ratio.
  • During our busiest lesson times, we add a lifeguard certified aide to help with classes that need an extra pair of eyes or hands.
  • We offer free Friday practice swims with full session payment and only $5 if a balance is due.
  • Lifeguard always on duty. 80% of our instructors are lifeguard certified.
  • All our staff are certified in CPR/AED and First Aid and have their FBI, Child Abuse and Criminal Record clearances.
  • Swim-in Zone contributes to local charities and basket fundraisers for schools and non-profits.
  • We go out into schools and day cares to teach water safety to children. Since 2007, a total of almost 20,000 children have been taught about how to be safer in the water.
  • Water safety is an integral part of all of our lessons from parent/child classes through Level 5. We have special weeks of emphasis such as how to use and swim in a life jacket.
  • We strongly believe that the children should be having fun while they learn and we incorporate lots of games and fun activities into our swim lessons.

Scheduling Software Update

We have just released a new update! When scheduling classes online you will now be able to receive discounts automatically. The discounts include the following:

  • Multiple child discount – 20% off the 3rd or more child’s lessons
  • Multiple classes per week discount – 20% off the second or more classes for the same child.

Swim Meet

Our first swim meet this school year is schedule for Friday, November 8st. Sign ups will begin early October.

Mermaid Club

Mermaid club begins September 15th. Ms. Annie will be in the water helping the mermaids this school year. The schedule is as follows:

  • September 15th, October 13th, November 17th, December 15th, January 19th, February 16th, March 15th, April 19th, May 17th & June 14th

A Shout Out to Our Instructors

We are excited to announce that Mr. Kevin B. and Mr. Daniel received their Lifeguarding Instructor certificate this summer! They will be joining our team of other lifeguard instructors, Kevin W., Mr. Dan, Heidi, Penny and Marc M., to help teach our staff and others that wish to become lifeguards in the Lehigh Valley. Congratulations!

Instructor Training at Swim-in Zone

All of our new instructors are required to attend 30-40 hrs. of training including, on-line training, classroom lectures on child development as it applies to the acquisition of swim skills and in-water shadowing a veteran instructor. New instructors are mentored by the team leader or supervisor during their first session of teaching.

Swim-in Zone’s position on the Submersion and Forced Back Float Infant “drown-proof” Method.

Swim-in Zone is opposed to forceful conditioning involving submersion and back floats and believes that it might be harmful to a developing infant/toddler. In addition, when an infant is in a back-float position, their airway is vulnerable to water over the face with significant risk of water getting into the stomach and lungs. We prefer an approach that is developmentally structured, nurturing and respectful of the child. We all want the same goal: a child who is safer because they can rollover to breathe if perhaps, they end up in the water. It might take us longer, (our lessons are not daily) to achieve this goal, but you will have a happier child.

Dippers classes

Class for children 2-3 years old without a parent

Wow! After just one year, our Dippers program is getting rave reviews from parents! Usually, the little ones need an adjustment period of about 2-3 weeks, then they are surprising all of us with their ability to sit, listen and wait and SWIM.

The swimming goals in a dippers class are to swim underwater a few feet, float on their back with a little help and after swimming a short distance rollover to float and breathe. There are also goals involving water safety: ask a grown-up to help get the toy, turn and go back if fall off the steps, wait to be called to leave the steps or enter the pool, jump in, underwater turn around and while underwater reach for the wall. Goals besides swimming skills are independence, listening to and following directions, taking turns and trusting teachers. We are so proud of our youngest swimmers!