Swim Lessons



We teach swimming from morning to night weekdays, Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Our trained teachers love to teach babies, children and adults how to swim. Our facility was designed to maximize the learning potential of new swimmers. Our water is warm-86º to 88º and most of the pool is 4 ft. deep. Who can learn anything if they are freezing? You will see the difference when your child is enrolled in a swim school whose mission and business is water safety and swimming lessons.

We are the only swim instruction program in the Lehigh Valley that uses DEMAND SCHEDULING. (Click here for Demand Scheduling PDF). The classes are arranged around YOUR schedule. It is possible to have one child in a parent/child class, another in a Level 1 group and another in a Level 3 group, all at the same time! We have 4 sessions per year- Fall (14 weeks), Winter (12 weeks), Spring (15 weeks) and Summer (11 weeks). Our sessions are longer because we have found that the children progress best when they have an adequately long lesson series with the same teacher and classmates.

Our curriculum is designed to provide a learning experience that is fun with lots of safety skills designed to help the children learn self-rescue as well as assist others. Even the little ones can learn to yell for help. Swim-in Zone takes great care to place all students into the class which provides the greatest potential for learning, satisfaction and fun.


Swim-in Zone, Inc. is dedicated to quality instruction by a serious staff of committed instructors in water safety, water confidence, and swimming in a friendly atmosphere where learning is fun, at maximum value to the student.


We guarantee that children over the age of 4 will not spend more than 3 consecutive sessions without advancement to the next color level, or they will receive free group lessons in the subsequent session. The swimmer must have attended 80% of the classes. Swimmers reaching the Gold level and Swim Team are excluded from this guarantee. There is no guarantee of the swimmer becoming a Swim-in Zone graduate.

Family Practice Swim

With your lessons paid in full you and your family can come swim for FREE on Friday afternoons and evenings. This is a great time for children to practice their skills. We find that the more children are in the water the faster they progress.

School Year Hours: Friday’s 1-2:30pm & 6:30-8pm

Summer Hours: Friday’s 1-2:30pm & 6:30-8pm

Winter Session Information

Winter session sign ups begin on October 7th. You can schedule via phone or online through the parent portal. We will also be offering a couple events with our Swim Meet and New Year's Eve Party! During our winter break we will have private lessons available as well.


General Information and Pricing

Did you know swimming is a winter sport? Swimming in the winter is important to keep your child's skills and continue progressing. Winter isn't time to hang up the suits; it's time to keep them out!

Parent Child Information

Need something to do with your little one? Swimming is a great activity even during the winter. Don't worry our pool is a warm 88º year round. 

Winter Break Private Lessons

During our winter break this year we will be offering addtional private lessons.

Dates Available for Lessons:

  • Thursday - 12/26/19
  • Friday - 12/27/19
  • Monday - 12/30/19

More Information Coming Soon

New Year's Eve Party!

Our new year's eve party will be December 31st from 5-7:30pm. Registration opens in November.

$10 per person

Bring the family for 2 1/2 hours of swimming, friends, pizza and beverages. We will supply noise makers, 2020 pennies tossed in the pool, and a count down cannonball to our “midnight” at 5pm.

Please bring a dish to share: cheese, fruit, vegetables and dips, dessert, snacks etc


Winter Swim Meet

The winter Swim meet will be held on Friday, February 7th. The swim meet is free for any students enrolled in the winter session. It's a great way for the kids to show their skills!

Start Time: 6:45pm

Winter Session Information

Winter session sign ups begin on October 7th. You can schedule via phone or online through the parent portal. We will also be offering a couple events with our Swim Meet and New Year's Eve Party! During our winter break we will have private lessons available as well.


Spring Session

Begins March 2nd - June 14th

Spring Session Registration begins on January 1st.


Priority Registratin Schedule

Winter Students – January 1st (online only) after that in house as well

Everyone Else – January 16th

PricingParent Child Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about our lessons and general questions about swimming.

General Questions

How long will it take for my child to learn how to swim?
  • How do you define “swim”? Technically swimming is simply moving through the water.
  • Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children ages 1—4, and the third cause of death in children ages 15—19.
  • In response to these statistics, in 2019, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) defined water competency as “the ability to enter the water, surface, turn around toward the exit, propel oneself for 25 yards, float or treat water, then exit from the water.”
  • In addition, the AAP includes in its 2019 statement being aware of risks associated with water situations and conditions present in quarries, lakes, oceans, creeks, rivers or any body of water, as well as learn CPR and simple rescues.
  • The United States Swim School Association defines a Safer Swimmer and adds he/she should be able to “tread water or hold a resting float with the ability to transition into forward movement. Propel oneself 25 yds. while taking breaths and to have the emotional level to adapt to different water situations”. Included is an understanding of important water safety rules, CPR, and simple rescues.
  • There really is no magic number of lessons, as each child is different. Learning to swim is a process—a journey. Swimming is a motor skill that takes practice, much like tying your shoes, dribbling a basketball, or playing any sport. Some children take a long time (1+ years) to go underwater and start floating, while others fearlessly go underwater after only a few lessons. Generally, it takes 2 sessions of weekly lessons to progress through one of Swim-in Zone’s color levels. 
Is your pool cold? Is it clean?
  • The water temperature is 88 degrees, so the children can focus on learning and not on being cold.
  • Our water is disinfected by ultraviolet light, carefully chlorinated, and pH balanced by a computer controlled automated system. It is filtered in our twin, high-pressure sand filters at 350 gal/min resulting in a 3-hr. turnover, exceeding the PA state standard of 8 hrs.
  • We drain and refill at least twice per year. An independent lab takes weekly pool samples for testing.
How deep and big is the pool?
  • Our pool ranges from 3.5ft to 5ft deep. We have steps and a ledge along one side of the pool for teaching students who are not tall enough to stand in water where it is 4ft. deep. We also have 3 – 25yd lanes.
How can I help my child do well in their swim lessons?
  • Be positive. Be on-time. Be prepared with swimsuit, goggles (if they use them) and, towel.
  • Come to our free Friday Family Practice Swim to let your child show you what he/she has learned.
My child is repeating the same level that they were in last session. Isn’t there a guarantee?
  • Every child will probably need 2 sessions to fulfill the skill execution requirements in each level. Development and readiness are often at fault when a child needs to repeat a level more than twice.
  • Once a child is age 4 and swims for 3 sessions in the same color level and it is recommended that they repeat that level again, Swim-in Zone’s guarantee kicks in.
  • Swim-in Zone guarantees that a swimmer (>age 4) will not spend more than three CONSECUTIVE sessions (must be 2 weeklong weeks in summer session) in one color level or the 4th session is free.
  • Swimming is a motor skill unique to all others because of the comfort required in the water environment. Child development, the ability to focus, listen, and perform the instructions all contribute to successful skill acquisition. Over the years, we have seen the natural progression of skills that children demonstrate as they learn to swim. Skills should be stronger, more consistent, and progressively better at each level.
  • Safety skills need to be practiced consistently and repeatedly for them to become automatic and, therefore, lifesaving.
Why do children practice swimming in the middle of winter while it is snowing outside?
  • Swimming is like any other skill, if it is not practiced, the skill is lost over time. Swimming year-round helps children continuously develop their swimming skills and ensures that skills are not lost.
    My child is afraid and does not even want to get in the water. What should I do?
    • First, figure out what the child is afraid of: separating from you? new situations? the class? What does he think will happen in swim lessons? Will he be required to go under water? Will he be required to swim by himself? Is he afraid the water is too deep and he will fall underwater and drown? Each concern must be dealt with differently and gently.
      • If separation is the issue, put him in a parent/child class for the first time in swim lessons.
      • If he is generally shy of new situations, plan on supporting him and helping to make the lessons fun. In a few weeks it won’t be new anymore.
      • If he is concerned about the class itself, communicate with the teacher and the team leader in front of your child. Tell the teacher that he is worried about going underwater. The teacher will say that this is a “not going underwater day.” Give him time.
    What happens if I need to withdraw from the session?
    • There is a $40 withdrawal fee once a session has started for any refunds. If you prefer to leave the money on the account for another session the $40 is waived.

    About Our Lessons

    How is Swim-in Zone’s curriculum organized?
    • We use a Progressive Rainbow curriculum developed by our owner, Penny Pantano, based on her 40+ years of teaching and coaching experience.
    • Each level is color coded using the rainbow, starting with red and ending with the pot of gold.
    • Each level becomes increasingly complex, with more and more challenging skills and distance components.
    • Each skill is practiced multiple times using different techniques, games, and activities.
    How are lessons scheduled?
    • At Swim-in Zone, we divide the year into 4 sessions that roughly follow the seasons. Each session can be anywhere from 10-15 weeks long.
    • We have found that as the children get to know their instructor, classmates, and what is expected of them, they are able to put it all together and “take off” in the last 4-6 weeks of a session.
    How are individual classes scheduled?
    • About 10 weeks before the start of a session, our instructors supply our program director with their teaching hours. Those hours are put into our SwimWare program, as “teacher available” times. Then:
      • “School Year Option” families are given the option to stay in the same time slot or move. They are put into the schedule first.
      • After a week or so, we open scheduling for all other parents, who can choose to add their child to any available class on-line or call to see if there are other options.
      • Our Spring session is our busiest session. Sign-ups for Spring are staggered and are very competitive.
    Can we sign up for lessons once a session has started?

    Yes, however it might be difficult to find your preferred time and day. To ensure that you have your preferred time and day be sure to sign up before the session starts.

    When can I sign up for a session?
    • Sign-ups for the next session are always up to date on our website
    • Dates can be found here or on the parent portal
    How do I sign up for lessons?
    • We have several options available for your convenience. You can sign up either online, over the phone, or in person with the front desk.
    Can we make a teacher request or switch classes?

    Yes! We will try our best to accommodate all requests and switches. Often a requested instructor is already booked or is not working because of their personal schedules.

    What are the graduation requirements?
    • Swimmers graduate from Swim-in Zone, if they have:
    • Attended at least 4 sessions of lessons of lessons at Swim-in Zone
    • Swim in good form with turns: 200 yds of freestyle, 100 yds of backstroke, 100 yds of breaststroke, and 100 yds of elementary backstroke
    • Tread water for 2 minutes
    • Pass a written 10-point safety quiz