Swim Lessons



We teach swimming from morning to night weekdays, Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Our trained teachers love to teach babies, children and adults how to swim. Our facility was designed to maximize the learning potential of new swimmers. Our water is warm-86º to 88º and most of the pool is 4 ft. deep. Who can learn anything if they are freezing? You will see the difference when your child is enrolled in a swim school whose mission and business is water safety and swimming lessons.

We are the only swim instruction program in the Lehigh Valley that uses DEMAND SCHEDULING. (Click here for Demand Scheduling PDF). The classes are arranged around YOUR schedule. It is possible to have one child in a parent/child class, another in a Level 1 group and another in a Level 3 group, all at the same time! We have 4 sessions per year- Fall (14 weeks), Winter (12 weeks), Spring (15 weeks) and Summer (11 weeks). Our sessions are longer because we have found that the children progress best when they have an adequately long lesson series with the same teacher and classmates.

Our curriculum is designed to provide a learning experience that is fun with lots of safety skills designed to help the children learn self-rescue as well as assist others. Even the little ones can learn to yell for help. Swim-in Zone takes great care to place all students into the class which provides the greatest potential for learning, satisfaction and fun.


Swim-in Zone, Inc. is dedicated to quality instruction by a serious staff of committed instructors in water safety, water confidence, and swimming in a friendly atmosphere where learning is fun, at maximum value to the student.


We guarantee that children over the age of 4 will not spend more than 3 consecutive sessions without advancement to the next color level, or they will receive free group lessons in the subsequent session. The swimmer must have attended 80% of the classes. Swimmers reaching the Gold level and Swim Team are excluded from this guarantee. There is no guarantee of the swimmer becoming a Swim-in Zone graduate.

Family Practice Swim

With your lessons paid in full you and your family can come swim for FREE on Friday afternoons and evenings. This is a great time for children to practice their skills. We find that the more children are in the water the faster they progress.

School Year Hours: Friday’s 1-2:30pm & 6:30-8pm

Summer Hours: Friday’s 1-2:30pm & 6:30-8pm

School Year Option

August 26, 2019 – June 14, 2020

Registration Ends September 1st

Monthly Payments are available!

Fall Session

August 26, 2019 – December 1, 2019

Enrollment begins Wednesday, June 5th.

Online Scheduling will be available for the fall session.

Click Here for Parent Child Schedule