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Due to COVID-19 we are not booking birthday parties currently.


Create a SPLASH with your party this year! Our warm water pool and multipurpose room make a fun inviting space to host your next party.

Make your Birthday Special! 


Hot Cheese Pizza

Swim-in Zone works with a local pizzaria and can get pizza delivered at the conclusion of the pool time.

We Offer

Guests may use our lifejackets, noodles, diving rings, refrigerator/freezer and changing and showering facilities.

Party Hosts

The party host supplies the cake, refreshments, drinks and all paper products.

Swim-in Zone is primarily a children’s facility; therefore, alcoholic beverages of any kind are not permitted.

All parties are non-exclusive use of both the pool and the multipurpose room.

Safety First

A lifeguard is on duty during each party, but Swim-in Zone still requires a safety ratio of adults to children depending on the ages and swimming ability of the children. The ratios apply even if the children are wearing US Coast Guard approved lifejackets.

In Water Supervision Policy

  • 1 adult in the water for each child age 4 and under
  • 1 adult in the water for every 6 children under 52″ tall because they cannot stand in our pool.
  • To go in 5ft area, all children must pass a swim test.
  • At least one adult must be present on the deck in the pool area if all the children can pass the swim test (swim 15 ft. tread water for 1 minute and swim 15 ft. back to their starting point)
  • All wearable flotation devices must be US Coast Guard approved. Swim-in Zone has US Coast Guard approved lifejackets available for guests to use.
  • Double swim diaper policy applies to all those children age 3 and under and those not completely potty trained. Our warm water and the fact that the children are having too much fun to stop and use the restroom have contributed to fecal accidents with the resulting pool closure.

All swimmers must provide a signed waiver and are required to watch our safety video before swimming.

Party Invitation



Client Pricing is for former or currently enrolled students/members.

Online Scheduling

You can now schedule your events online through our parent portal!